Engaging the Global Commons

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Author: David Potter

Living in a highly interdependent world is not an option—but at present, being educated to do so competently is. — Harvard Professor Fernando Reimers

We all know that U.S. policy and action has a huge impact on the world – effecting businesses, economies and ecosystems around the globe. In this increasingly interconnected age, it is critical the U.S. educational system prepare globally competent citizens. Yet, despite rhetoric from the U.S. Department of Education on “preparing today’s youth, and our country more broadly, for a globalized world,” global education is not a priority of U.S. educational system.

The result is predictable and worrisome: Americans in large numbers want the U.S. to reduce its role in world affairs.

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1 thought on “Engaging the Global Commons

  1. I strongly agree to what Prof. Reimers said. Interdependence can help in many ways, but not in this scope, at least not yet. Maybe in the near future. I can see nothing wrong with introducing the concept in the compass of education. You might want to read an interesting story about what the English Department of the University of Pennsylvania decided to do with regards to internet usage: Check this out

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