Under Secretary Judith McHale endorses Connect All Schools Initiative

On March 24, 2011 iEARN and Adobe Youth Voices Peapod Academy in Redwood City, California, hosted a Skype Conference linking Peapod students with their peers from Karachi and Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The conference call was attended by Judith McHale – the Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs at the US Department of State – who used the opportunity to support the Connect All Schools initiative. “One of the things that both President Obama and Secretary Clinton have asked us to do is to find new ways to bring people in the United States closer to people all over the world so that we could learn about each other and listen to each other with the view that if we do that we will become closer together and we will work together to solve problems”, said McHale. “So I think this project of connecting every school is terrific, because the more young people can learn about each other, talk to each other and just become friends, better off we are going to be”.

Youth at Community School Central and Peapod Adobe Youth Voices Academy are participating in the World Youth News project  sponsored by IEARN, UNICEF and PBS Newshour Extra. The video was produced by Diego Pettersson and edited by Peapod Academy students.


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